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Environmental protection is a central theme for our time. As a leading brand for office furniture and room systems with their own production facility in Germany, König + Neurath are aware of their role model function – and their own capacity to influence. Conservation of nature and sustainable business are key aspects of our corporate culture.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected throughout the organisation, which affects all employees and is visible in our business activities at many levels. It’s more than just adhering to legal requirements. We’d like to go beyond that and make full use of every opportunity to keep unavoidable impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. Our goal is a circular business model, using materials that can be recycled to improve our eco-balance even more and conserve resources.

Sustainability is the highest principle in all our business operations. Only an organisation that has concern for the future has a future.

Egon König

Sustainability is part of our corporate culture

An increasing number of customers want to know about the origins of their product. They invest reliable quality and fair production of goods. Manufacturers are also starting to produce more economically, with increasing awareness of quality and sustainability due to limited resources and a conscience regarding the future. Our whole attitude is geared towards relieving the strain on the ecosystem, with the aim of preserving an intact living environment for future generations.



of the vehicle fleet fulfils the EURO 6 norm


of production waste was reused in 2018


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Environmental strategies in production

Ecology drives our value chain. We are committed to ongoing improvement of our environmental principles throughout production. An innovative investment policy allows us to use resource-saving production processes, environmentally-friendly materials and forward-looking logistics.

Our concept of environmentally sound business starts with our suppliers. Several factors are monitored on a regular basis, including environmental performance and compliance with social standards.

Within the scope of our whole-company improvement system, K+N Excellence, processes are regularly questioned and constantly optimised by employees at the relevant point. The starting point for process improvement is, among other things, the elimination of the causes of the seven types of waste from the classic lean apprenticeship, which include waiting times, overproduction, rejects or unnecessary transportation. This applies not just to traditional individual workstations, but also to complex production lines.

For example, our assembly lines have been producing according to the principles of lean management since 2018. The workplaces are designed to be waste-free, and plant availability is continuously improved through preventive, autonomous maintenance measures. Any technical or organisational deficiencies (e.g. defective compressed air lines) are detected in day-to-day business and eliminated by the employees. All plants are converted to permanently driven belts and thus manufacture according to the flow principle. This enables us to guarantee a constantly high output and a piece-precise production process without uncontrolled buffer stocks.

This enables us to successfully combine efficiency and sustainability in production on a daily basis.



savings in lighting costs by switching to LED (investment: 225 000€, 2015-2018)


saving in compressed air production by investing in a Boge compressor (investment: 105 000€, 2019)


saving in compressed air production by investing in an Ingersoll compressor (investment: 105 000€, 2015)

Social aspects, employees and work processes

We create working environments and one aspect of our corporate policy is to create a workplace setting for our own employees that goes above and beyond legal requirements. The focus here is on workplace safety and employee development.

  • We promote diversity: People who vary widely in terms of ethnic background, skin colour, gender, nationality, religion or personal philosophy will find the same working conditions here. No one is discriminated against or given preferential treatment – everyone is always accorded the same value. We currently employ nationals of 29 countries.
  • Employee satisfaction has priority: One way of identifying the good workplace climate and positive inter-employee network is the average time spent in employment at the company. In this company it’s 15 years.
  • All employees are protected by a collective wage agreement: We offer generous pay, a 35-hour week, 30 days paid leave (after 4th year with the company) and a variety of special benefits such as a wide range of occupational health management services.
  • We encourage the next generation: In 2018, 46 young people were on apprenticeships here, and two were on work experience. We also offer vocational training of an excellent standard for students on dual degree courses to ensure a successful start to their career.
  • K+N Excellence training academy: Our whole-company improvement system, K+N Excellence, allows us to develop König + Neurath so that we achieve our goals. The people who work here are at the very heart of the company, and its success depends upon them. That’s why we set up the K+N Excellence Academy in 2019, to provide courses and seminars to ensure the professional development of each individual employee.

We can only achieve our ambitious sustainability goals if we involve all employees, as well as by conducting internal audits to ensure that our measures are effective. For this we analyse and evaluate the essential environmental aspects, which helps us find sustainable optimisation potential.

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