Premium shell chair for office and home

Life and work are increasingly merging together. Offices are becoming meeting points that convey a sense of identity, while the home has also been transformed into a workplace – at the moment, a quarter of all employees work from home at least on a part-time basis. That’s why we’ve created a partner for our K+N NOOK visitor and conference chair, in the form of a universal chair: K+N NOOK.SHELL.

The comfortable König + Neurath shell chair is ideal as a home office chair, makes a great dining chair … or it’s equally suitable for conference and meeting areas in the office. The K+N NOOK.SHELL is relaxed yet stylish in design, merging organically with its surroundings and providing good sitting comfort in all variants (without a back cushion, with a cushion pad or fully upholstered).

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Even though K+N NOOK.SHELL comes in numerous variants thanks to its modular design, we’ve kept its construction simple. The number of components is kept to a minimum and the materials are designed to be recycled by type, and this allows almost the whole chair to be recycled once it reaches the end of its life. On the subject of recycling: to save raw materials, we try to use as much recyclate as possible in the chair’s production.

Two seat shell variants

K+N NOOK.SHELL is available with a black or white seat shell, equipped with or without upholstery as well as a fully upholstered variant.

K+N NOOK.SHELL as a visitor chair

Available as a stackable variant with a four-legged base, as a stackable cantilever or with a four-legged base on casters. Tested for persons up to 130 kg.


Available on base with castors or glides. Tested for persons up to 130 kg.

Rocker mechanism

Available to match the seat and seat shell in black or white.

Swing-out writing tablet with holder that pivots through 360°.

Each writing tablet features a screw-in pen and drinks holder. Only for conference and counter chair with starbase, without mechanism.

harmoniously rounded armrest

Configure now!

Put together your product according to your personal wishes and download your configuration as a pdf or request the product directly from us by clicking on . If you would like to plan working environments with our product data, you can download your configuration in fxb, dwg or cad format.

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