A clever investment.

VALYOU represents true value for money. Our range includes high-end task chairs as well as healthy counter chairs for a sitting experience that’s both dynamic and comfortable! In this collection we are concentrating on the essentials, combining a well-engineered ergonomic mechanism with straightforward operation. It’s particularly well-suited to start-ups, who tend to favour a simple and casual style. Maybe it’s a good choice for you too?

VALYOU features our synchromat quick-set mechanism, which makes it especially suitable for changing users.

An ideal climate for sitting

The elastic mesh back is comfortable and allows the back to breathe.

Reduces strain on the shoulder and neck muscles

The armrest pads can be moved individually and adjusted in height by 130 mm.

The functions are easy to adjust

Seat height and depth adjustment, backrest tilt and fine adjustment via the synchromat.

Integrated lumbar support

It encourages ergonomic sitting by providing extra support in the lumbar region.

Quick to assemble

VALYOU is supplied ready to use or partially assembled in a transport box.

Counter chair

You can use the counter chair at stand-up desks, putting you in an elevated, healthy and comfortable position in case things go on longer than you expected.

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