New requirements? New feeling of space!

If workflow and team groupings change, you can use this transparent glass partitioning system to adapt your room to the new requirements. We’ve designed HORIZONTE so that you can change the room structure of your area, as well as creating individual aesthetic solutions for any working space. Four mutually compatible system components give you the freedom to do this.

HORIZONTE system components are available with or without slimline post-and-rail construction for a particularly light and elegant look. Furthermore you can choose between transparent and opaque finishes in various colours, textures and materials.


Glass partition with a horizontal 130 mm beam for dividing floor space into different zones


Post-and-rail construction with a horizontal 68 mm beam for customised organisation of transparent and opaque areas


A clear aspect with no compromises and no post-and-rail construction. Minimal use of profiles for a light, elegant appearance.


Ceiling-height partition with horizontal and vertical trim panels for visual shielding as well as highly effective acoustic screening

Glass sliding door

The sliding door is fitted with a pull handle with square claw bolt lock for a flush-mounted appearance.

Staggered partition heights

Coffered ceilings can be accommodated too.

Integral electrics module

Material and glass thickness remain the same.

Integral installation module

For use with HORIZONTE room divider (HR)

Adjustable door hinge

3D adjustable door hinge for secure closing of hinged glazed door or solid door.

Integrated upper door closer

Not visible when door is closed.

Door stopper

A discreet door stopper ensures quiet closing.

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