In offices two factors are often equally important: communication and concentration. A good acoustic is essential to create the right conditions for either working style. Our solution INSIDE.30 combines the needs of both. The multifunctional, fabric-covered screen system with acoustic infill ensures absorption of potentially distracting noise and provides optimum acoustic shielding. This system supports acoustic zoning of areas … and opens up diverse design potential for your space.

Bring a sense of calm into the office both visually and acoustically. Our multifunctional screen system with acoustic infill adapts to suit a variety of space configurations, functions and designs.

Design options and a goal: good acoustics for focused working

INSIDE.30 is not just suitable for visual and acoustic screening, it also serves as an agile workplace tool with its practical accessories such as organiser rails, whiteboard or flipchart – and it’s on castors for convenience as well. INSIDE.30 is available in two design variants (with square or rounded corners), many colours and a variety of fabrics. Whether you need a free-standing room divider or an integrated privacy screen at your desk, INSIDE.30 combines partitioning with privacy and brings a noticeable improvement to the room acoustics. It doesn’t matter what shape your agile working takes, INSIDE.30 will help with your design.

Visual and acoustic screening in busy areas:

Fly-by screen for fitting behind the desk and side screens that attach via clamp adapters

Privacy screening near a walkway:

Side screen for attaching to leg frame of desk

Privacy for team workstations:

The INSIDE.30 centre screen reduces direct noise spread and creates a quiet area for focused working

Freely positionable visual screen element:

Can be placed where needed for individual or team workspaces

Mobile INSIDE.30 free-standing screen for agile working:

In combination with a whiteboard or flipchart, INSIDE.30 becomes an agile working tool in all workshop situations

Free-standing screen for workshops, agile meetings and teamwork:

Screen with flat foot or glides for height alignment – square corner design variant

Lightweight construction with Class C sound absorber

INSIDE.30 is constructed on the basis of a wooden frame with acoustic infill with a total thickness of 32 mm. The square-cornered design features fabric with double stepped stitched seams and is pinnable.

Organic shapes

With plastic sealing strip in three colours

Organiser rail with magnet

Provides space for notes or personal messages

A workspace that’s better organised

Organiser rail with file shelf, mirror or pencil box

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Put together your product according to your personal wishes and download your configuration as a pdf or request the product directly from us by clicking on . If you would like to plan working environments with our product data, you can download your configuration in fxb, dwg or cad format.

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