Room and privacy in open space

Effective screening With INSIDE.BASE you create additional rooms for phone calls, for conversations or for technical equipment. It reduces the noise level on the whole floor so that the direct workstation area is quieter. These elements have acoustic properties and can be erected in a very short time anywhere. The glass superstructure with floating-effect ceiling is light in weight, allowing it to be added on quickly for effective distribution of light.

Various models

Room and privacy in open space

Phone box

Comprising INSIDE.50 screens with glass superstructure and lightweight ceiling element: ideal for a quick stand-up work session and provides privacy for a telephone call.

Phone box Duo

Offers a private space for two people, while at the same time providing a view of the adjoining area.

Technology point

Provides space for technical equipment and reduces noise within the area efficiently thanks to optimised acoustics.

Concentration spot

A room with a pleasant feel for focused working or meetings in small groups. Its spiral shape helps to screen it off from the noise of the office.

Meeting Point

A private room in an open design for spontaneous meetings. An agreeable atmosphere is provided by the glazed modules, good acoustics and the light diffuser in the lightweight ceiling.

Natural lighting

A prismatic pane ensures highly effective light distribution and is fitted so that it appears to float on the toughened glass overpanels to maximise the natural light.

Side trim strips

Concealing structural parts to form a flush join with a uniform look

Glass panel

The Phonebox-Duo and Meeting Point models incorporate a framed glass panel so that the occupant has a clear view of the surrounding office

Corner posts

The corner structure is fabric-covered for a harmonious appearance.

Floor connection

The adjustable feet let you alter the height of the floor connection.

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Put together your product according to your personal wishes and download your configuration as a pdf or request the product directly from us by clicking on . If you would like to plan working environments with our product data, you can download your configuration in fxb, dwg or cad format.


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